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Recoup Hangover Remedy

Recoup Hangover Remedy


3 available units


Doctor’s note

Dr. Andra Campitelli, Naturopathic Doctor
Founder & Product Formulator

Most of us enjoy drinking alcohol – but we all hate paying for it the next day!

The truth is that consuming alcohol puts a significant strain on your body; taxing your brain, liver, kidneys, heart, stomach and blood vessels. The next morning this is keenly felt physiologically (feeling sick), cognitively (feeling slow) and emotionally (feeling depressed).

It’s also proven that hangovers get worse with age. And sadly, these more intense hangovers typically coincide with the responsibilities and commitments that come with adulthood.

I developed Recoup for my extended family, so they wouldn’t have to suffer hangovers. It worked so well that I decided to make it available to everyone.

Recoup was formulated to help support vital organs, replenish lost nutrients and restore body function back to normal. So, you can enjoy your evenings without worrying about the next morning.

What's in it?

Recoup is made up of a powerhouse of essentials formulated to eliminate hangover symptoms before they start.

Headache pain, Liver function, Dehydration, Digestive upset, Body function


6 dose box