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Calm Spray 600mg

C a l y x Wellness Inc.

Calm Spray 600mg

Calm Spray 600mg


3 available units


How to use Oral Spray

The Calm oral spray consists of 600mg of flavour infused h e m p derived c b d isolate. The application of a dose is quick and easy by releasing the amount of spray to your comfort under the tongue, holding it there for 30 seconds. This can be taken at any time of the day or night to relieve any discomforts. The dosage is best determined using the Calyx dosage guide in combination with the amount that feels most comfortable for you to start with. Once dosing has begun, be sure to observe the results and adjust based on observation when necessary.

Spearmint Oral Spray

Experience the fresh essence of spearmint when taking a spritz of this Calm spray. Similar to peppermint, spearmint gives a potent but smooth delivery with a pleasant natural flavour when combined with Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil and H e m p-Extracted Canna bid iol. This oral spray provides the daily dose with a touch of spearmint to freshen up your day.   

Dosage Guide

30ml bottle – 1 spray is 6mg of C  B  D
5 sprays – 30mg of C  B  D
10 sprays – 60mg of C  B  D


Spearmint: Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil, H e m p-Extracted Canna bid iol, Natural Flavour