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Kinsip Lavender Lemon  Bitters


Kinsip Lavender Lemon Bitters

Kinsip Lavender Lemon Bitters


5 available units


Kinsip is rooted in an appreciation of family and the fulfillment found in building community.  We craft products together that reflect and accentuate the quality of the moment.

Life is worthy of celebrating the small moments as well as the grand.


Kinsip bitters are handcrafted at our farm-based distillery. Our bitters bring drops full of delicately balanced flavours to your home and allow you to create interesting, complex, and nuanced cocktails with ease.  Add a drop or two of bitters to compliment the flavours in any drink.

Lavender leads on this bitters while lemon provides a subtle back note. Gin loves lavender!

 Dropper in image not included.