Pilki Tea - Aronia & Alder Herbal Tea 20g

Pilki Tea - Aronia & Alder Herbal Tea 20g



3 available units



By harvesting Labrador tea in the boreal forest, we realized the importance of sharing the flavours and benefits of Labrador tea to Quebeckers and to the world. Loving change, we had the desire to solve a problem: the lack of diversity in herbal teas made from this plant. Make accessible varieties that meet the different affinities of taste, where they are each one fulfilled in their own ways. It’s an exciting challenge to create flavours galore, while highlighting other unknown ingredients that will make them unique!


When tasting it, you first feel a fir tree side, a bit of bitterness, then some sweet flowery herbs due to the wild goldenrod. Quebec green alder pepper is a popular forest spice used in fine cuisine, that adds depth to the meal and a conifer-typical softwood component. In addition, the organic fenugreek seed has a light maple flavour that balances the infusion with a touch of sweetness.

You can also use it to make funky cocktails or, if you feel cozy, a warm latte! Certainly, this blend that “tastes like Quebec” will transport you in your best memories of a walk in the forest.


Aronia berry, organic fenugreek, organic goldenrod, wild Labrador tea, wild green alder, organic rosemary.