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Under the Devi

Under The Divi - Foaming Sugar Scrub - Peppermint

Under The Divi - Foaming Sugar Scrub - Peppermint


4 available units


 This Peppermint scrub is a light, whipped soap, that has fine grain sugar and Jojoba Beads for gentle exfoliation. The Peppermint Essential Oil provides a wonderful cooling and refreshing experience for your skin, while the Apricot Kernel Oil within adds extra skin moisturizing benefits! This is my personal favourite for my nightly facial scrub routine!

You can customize the level of exfoliation to suit your preferences. For a gentle exfoliation, apply the scrub to wet skin (this will help the sugar to dissolve faster and allow for a shorter exfoliation time). For a more aggressive exfoliation, wet your hands but apply to dry skin to maximize the scrub effects of the sugar before it dissolves. The water added during use will bring the scrub into a lovely lather to gently cleanse while exfoliating!

Directions: Take a small amount of scrub to wet (or dry) skin and work into a lather. Rinse with warm water. Avoid adding excess water to the jar contents. Keep the product out of eyes.

Approximate Net Weight: 5.5 oz/156 g

Vegan, Made in Niagara